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Cognitive Function

Experts agree that aging is naturally accompanied by a decline in cognitive functions
The full spectrum of cognitive functions can be impacted:
Attention, or the ability to select information and hold it in memory, is essential to performing the actions of daily life. Attentional resources often decline with age and brain stress. 
Memory is the ability to record, store and restore information. There are several kinds of memory, including sensory memory (captures sensory information for a few hundredths of a millisecond), short-term memory (lasts about 1 minute and includes working memory) and long-term memory (allows the lasting preservation of information). Memory complaints are commonly expressed by older people, and it is usually working memory (important for reasining and the guidance of decision-making behavior) that is most affected by aging.
This allows us to orient ourselves in space, perceive objects in our environment and organize those objects into a coherent visual scene. These functions maintain spatial orientation skills and mobility.
These sophisticated cognitive functions allow the management of voluntary behaviors and organization. They intervene when the subject is faced with a new or nonroutine situation. Stimulation of these “high-level” functions helps maintain ability to reason, make decisions and solve problems.
Language is the principal instrument for human communication, either through oral expression or writing. In the elderly, the stimulation of language and communication helps maintain social ties.
Mood state is also related to cognitive function. For example, a sad mood state has a negative effect on cognitive function and performance.
Aging is not the only factor in cognitive decline: Our individual environments and ways of life accelerate the natural decline of these essential functions. Other factors include:

Diet and lifestyle




What can we do to mitigate some of these factors and slow cognitive decline?
Discover Brainphyt™, an all natural ingredient derived from one smart microalgae, Phaeodactylum tricornutum.

Who is BrainPhyt for?

PREVENT DISEASE AND AGE WELL 55% of people over the age of 65 are extremely concerned about preserving their mental sharpness, more than are very worried about loss of vision or ability to perform physical activity(1). And this population is growing fast: More than 20% of the world’s population, or about 2 billion consumers, will be over the age of 60 by 2050(2) and seeking to slow the natural decline associated with aging in order to retain autonomy and quality of life. 1) Innova Market Insight, 2016 2) OMS
ENHANCE EFFICIENCY AND PRODUCTIVITY AT WORK 40% of young professionals are looking to sharpen their mental acuity. Attention is essential to maintaining a high level of efficiency at work, where young adults want to improve their cognitive performance to be more productive. 62% of Millennials believe they can manage health issues by taking vitamins and supplements(4). 3) Nutrition Insight 4) Nutritional Outlook
IMPROVE COGNITIVE PERFORMANCE TO BOOST SKILLS Whether preparing for a test or playing video games, the younger demographic is keen on performance.

Discover BrainPhyt™


BrainPhyt™ is a powerful, patented natural ingredient derived from microalgae. BrainPhyt™ is aimed at maintaining cognitive function throughout life, especially slowing loss of short-term and spatial memory. Evaluated through 7 pre-clinical studies, it has shown greater efficacy compared to DHA alone and Ginkgo biloba extract both recognized as benchmarks for improving and maintaining brain function.

Brainphyt™ :
  • Is a natural extract, sustainably produced in France
  • Offers a full spectrum of cognitive support, even at low doses
  • Is deemed safe for human consumption, thanks to an New Dietary Ingredient agreement from the FDA
BrainPhyt™ is demonstrated in 7 pre-clinical studies to:
  • Improve cognitive performance
  • Improve short- and long-term memory
  • Enhance learning
  • Support the reduction of brain cells’ oxidative stress
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BrainPhyt™ increases

Learning memory 46%

Short-term memory 100%

Spacial memory 42%

Contextual memory 78%

Recognition memory 60%

BrainPhyt™ decreases

Stress 40%

Oxidative brain stress 45%

Brain stress biomarkers 75%

The science behind the ingredient


A unique and patented natural composition

BrainPhyt™ is a unique and synergetic complex of several helpful molecules extracted from microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum and designed to maintain cognitive function throughout life.

How does BrainPhyt™ work?

Powerful antioxidant

  • One of very few antioxidants that can bypass the brain-blood barrier
  • Stimulates the production of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA)
  • Has several health-enhancing effects: antioxidant properties and promotes healthy functioning of the liver, blood vessels, brain, bones, skin and eyes (as suggested by preliminary research)

Fucoxanthin is a natural antioxidant sourced from microalgae. When ingested, fucoxanthin is metabolized by digestive enzymes to fucoxanthinol and then absorbed in the intestines. In the liver, fucoxanthinol is converted to amarouciaxanthin A, which is among very few antioxidants that can bypass the brain-blood barrier. Some preliminary research suggests that fucoxanthin may have a number of health-enhancing effects. For example, there's some evidence that fucoxanthin may reduce IL-,6 and LPM biomarkers, as well as promote healthy functioning of the liver, blood vessels, brain, bones, skin and eyes. Fucoxanthin also appears to stimulate the production of DHA.

MOHIBBULLAH et al. 2018, ZHANG et al. 2017

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids essential for cognitive health.

  • EPA has the ability to regulate levels of the eicosanoid hormones that control inflammation and pain.

EPA and DHA are omega-3 fatty acids essential for cognitive health. The human brain is made up of approximately 60% fat, and about half of that fat is DHA. BrainPhyt™ is ~ 6% EPA, which has the ability to regulate levels of the eicosanoid hormones that control inflammation and pain. Reducing inflammation can reduce conditions related to age or injury.

FOTUHI et al. 2009, DYALL, 2015


  • Unique compounds found only in one supplement: BrainPhyt™.
  • Biomarkers of oxidative processes in plants and animals.

Phycoprostanes: These unique compounds are biomarkers of oxidative processes in plants and animals. Found only in one supplement, BrainPhyt™, phycoprostanes provide neuroprotection in even very small amounts.

MINGHETTI et al. 2014

Provider of extra energy to the brain; also known as “brain fuel”

  • Metabolizes ketone bodies.
  • Protects the brain against damage from beta-amyloid protein.

Medium chain triglycerides (MCT) oil: Also known as “brain fuel,” MCT provides extra energy to the brain by metabolizing ketone bodies. MCT also protects the brain against damage from beta-amyloid protein. Neurotransmitters are endogenous chemicals that enable neurotransmission.

AUGUSTIN et al., 2018

Real benefits shown in scientific studies

In 7 pre-clinicinal studies, BrainPhytTM was shown to be more effective when compared to DHA and Ginkgo Biloba


  • Microphyt is running multiple clinical studies with BrainPhyt™. Contact us for more information and product support.
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